Birth Day – Matter for the Future

One of these days I will give birth. Over the last nine months, a human being has been growing within me. First as a small and unrecognisable bunch of cells, then shaping itself into human form, growing organs, limbs, face and features that we recognize as of our own species. Some body who already expresses character, interacts, grows, learns and develops.

During this time, my body has been our son’s home; the breeding ground of his existence. I carry him, protect him with layers of skin and water, and most importantly, I feed him. Every cell, every organ, every tiniest bit of brain, lymph and tissue in his body is created by the food I take in. What I choose to eat defines the substance he is made of.

Our language expresses the creative nature of our relationship: Mother and matter share the Latin roots of mater and matrix (womb or origin). Being a mother, I give my son matter. He grows in my matrix, the place of origin of his being. I am the mother of his nourishment (almus); his alma mater.

Becoming a mother has made me realise more than ever, that each day we shape the matter of tomorrow. Whether the future grows muscles made of crisps, or of wholesome grains and cereals. Whether rivers and blood streams flow with Coca Cola, or with fruity juices and fresh vegetable waters. Whether our bodies and earth are fed harmful chemicals – herbicides, pesticides, toxic emissions – or whether we choose fully natural building blocks for our organs and surroundings.

Nature (derived from natus in Latin) means being born. We are natives of our mother-land, and celebrate Birth around the time of Natale (Christmas). All that is alive today was born, created, has come into being. At the same time, all form and matter that exists now gives shape to what comes next. Soil and water turn into plants and trees, forests become fossil reserves and sea beds transform into mountain ranges. Today I feed my body, tomorrow it becomes my son, next week we both are something else. All matter is mother.

Every day is a birthday. A grand nativity scene of the world we shaped yesterday and all yesterdays before. An expression of what we have brought forth by our actions and inactions. Equally, every day is a matrix: the womb and soil that breed the future. And if we care about this future, we’d better be mindful of the matter we breed.

Our economy is an outward expression of our inner values. We sow, feed, water, wait, and harvest what we’ve cared for. Everything we put in are the ingredients that tomorrow is made of. The meals we savour, the products we buy, the work we do and the attention we give it, all brings certain qualities and intentions to Life.

So let’s make our values matter. Mater, mother of many healthy generations to come. Feed every moment with the qualities of our desired future, sow the seeds we wish to grow, nourish what is wholesome and what we believe is right. Enjoy the fruits of a thriving planet.  Happy Birth Day.


5 thoughts on “Birth Day – Matter for the Future

  1. It is nice to feel your words as you mother. And the rest of the article and analogy are so inspiring for future world.
    My view of the future is a love based World! The concept of a Gift Society is gradually coming into this world and I believe we have no other option left than creating a Moneyless World, Gift World, Gift Economy, Love Based Economy, Gift culture, Giftivism, Sharing World.

  2. Ha die mother Sarah, Prachtig stuk. Je weet in weinig woorden zoveel te zeggen en daarbij de lezer uit te nodigen om de verbindingen te zien die jij legt. Echt mooi en inspirerend. Lieve kus.


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