Beautiful Economy conducts research in areas related to a social and sustainable economy. Topics can range from best-practices in complementary currencies, to european movements for de-growth, to alternative success measures for business or organisations, to pro’s and cons of green technologies or environmental policies, or many many others.

As a naturally inquisitive person I spent a lot of my life researching; as a student, a financial analyst, sustainability researcher, self-educated new-economist and critical participant in society. I have learned that I am good at absorbing lots of information, and – by connecting dots, using ratio and intuition – being able to develop a systemic understanding of issues at hand. I also communicate insights with clarity, either verbally in presentations, or in written reports.

I am fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish and have a good understanding of written German, French, Italian and Portuguese. This allows me to research issues at local and global level.

Many of my former research projects have been in the unsustainability of certain industries. I can still do this, yet have grown a preference for identifying and researching positive alternatives to the status quo, mapping them into potential landscapes of the future, and translating them into useful pathways for individual and organisational change.

I look forward to hearing your questions. Please contact me if I can help.