Sarah Denie

Sarah is an international economist and educator with a drive for systemic change towards an ecologically and socially sustainable society.

After obtaining her Masters degree in International Economics, Sarah started her professional career as a management trainee and strategy / M&A analyst at ABN Amro Bank. She soon became aware of the dynamics of the financial system and decided to search for work that aligned with her values. She joined Profundo economic & CSR research, where she investigated the (un)sustainability of a wide range of industries, as well as the financial involvement of banks and institutional investors in these sectors.

As a freelance researcher she started to move her work towards learning and education, working with amongst others the Amsterdam Impact Hubamaseu learning journeys, Knowmads business school, and the community of Economy Transformers. At the same time she regained her interest in economics. Inspired by systems & complexity science as well as living closer to nature, she started studying the lesser known schools of economic thought, such as ecological, complexity and evolutionary economics, Buddhist, Gandhian, feminist economics, and the generally more qualitative and values-based perspectives in the field.

This led to Sarah’s involvement in the development of the MA in Economics for Transition with Schumacher College (UK), and the distant-learning version of this programme in Colombia. She also co-wrote and taught the Leaders for Economic Change programme in the Netherlands, and, together with Li An Phoa founded Spring College, an initiative for nature-based learning.

Whilst becoming a mother to Sam (2) and Ayla (1), Sarah has steadily expanded her activities in new economics education, being a returning teacher in programmes at University College Utrecht and Nyenrode Business University (NL), the Youth Initiative Programme and Masters for Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (Sweden), as well as a guest lecturer here and there.

Having lived and worked in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Spain,  Venezuela, Chile and India, Sarah currently lives in Andalucía, where she and her partner are developing an international learning centre for rural sustainable living.


5 thoughts on “Sarah Denie

  1. Hi Sarah, great to read your blog! All that you’ve done before seems to come together in your new adventure with Beautiful Economy. The adjective Beautiful challenges the imagination! Can economy be anything else than a big mess? Yes, it can, and you and I and many, many others are co-creating it. Keep going!

  2. Hi Sarah, I want to thank you for your lectures at the Leadership Program in Amsterdam. Great to learn about this complicated and interesting subject. Good luck with your Beautiful Economy challenge!

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  4. Grateful to have you “back in the Netherlands” and for your commitment to beauty and learning. You have been an important part – and continue to be! – in creating a healthy learning environment in the HUB Amsterdam towards a truly better world.

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