Beautiful Economy offers guest lectures, classes and week-long intensive courses on many topics related to economics and the transformation into a sustainable society.

Whatever the age, professional experience or level of knowledge in the field, I tailor classes to fit the audience as well as the programme in which they are embedded. Depending on the length and intensity of a course, I put together reading lists, video and audio materials, study guides or a full syllabus.

Topics of my classes range from social challenges and (un)sustainability, to money, interest and debt-based capitalism. Or from systems, complexity science and change, to values, qualities and true progress. What is central to all topics, is the challenging of our anthropocentric values-perspective, and the development of a more integrated, ecological worldview.

“Sarah has developed an admiring ability to use her own experience to connect with students at a fundamental level, and challenge them to become aware and even reconsider the values they often take for granted.”
– F.W. University College Utrecht

Whatever the topic, I always intend to bring together a broad systemic understanding of the world we live in, with the questions and challenges this evokes at the personal level. I invite students to look inward & outward at the same time, aiming to expose the patterns of unsustainable behaviour that are ingrained in our society, as well as to inspire the quest for a beautiful future, in which every one can play a role.

I like to engage both the brain and the senses, and therefore hope to teach indoors as well as outside.

If you want to know more or wish to invite Beautiful Economy to your organisation, please get in touch.