To whom

In the challenge to create an ecologically healthy and socially joyful economy, we are all in it together. The changes we face are systemic, and hence each of us, – whether we work in business or education, the public sector or the arts, self-employed or not employed at all – can choose to participate in our own way.

We are all learning our way into a new values system. We experiment, fail, improve, learn from experiences and from each other. With Beautiful Economy I like to work with different groups and ages, professions and nationalities. Below are some examples of what I could mean for you and your organisation:

Educational institutions & training bureaus

For those who wish to keep their existing curriculum but like outside inspiration and a new light on economics and business, I offer guest lectures that spark questions, rattle the cage and get students in touch with their own belief systems and worldviews. I offer plurality of ‘moral philosophy’ and use elements of e.g. ecological and co-evolutionary economics, complexity economics and Buddhist economics.

For those who wish to innovate more thoroughly, review existing courses, or develop entirely new curricula, I offer support in the design of the learning journey, the selection and composition of ‘new economics’ study materials, and the involvement of interesting guest(speaker)s.

For training organisations that look to involve sustainability and new economics topics in their programming, Beautiful Economy offers training design and development, and a whole lot of content that can be integrated in existing trainings, or combined into stand-alone programmes.


Businesses are increasingly expected to behave sustainably. This demand not only comes from the outside – customers, investors or industry initiatives, – but also from their own employees. People like to be proud of what they do, and are intrinsically motivated to perform well when they feel their work has purpose.

Many organisations have not had the time to develop internal knowledge or learning processes with respect to sustainability, let alone a shared understanding of how they can be part of the transition towards an ecologically healthy and creative society.

Ecological and social value creation is just as relevant as (or arguably more essential than) financial value creation. By offering training series that focus on ‘values-based business’, Beautiful Economy invites organisations to re-discover the qualities, the immeasurable value that they wish to create. Once having created a good understanding of this essential level, we start making these values matter, by creating the relationships, organisation structures and success measures that suit the company’s values system.

Financial industry

Having been a banker in the past, I like working in the financial industry. Nobody needs to be told that the sector is in serious discomfort. Worldwide, financial institutions have faced various crises, laying bare the unsustainable driving forces of the money system as we know it today. This is not only a challenge for the financial industry itself, but of the entire system that we has grown around it, consisting of consumers, house-owners, businesses, governments, pension funds and pension holders.

With Beautiful Economy I invite people who work with money every day to explore what money is, how interest works, what sustainable finance could look like, and what the role of each person and institute can be in transition to a healthy and joyful society.

Public sector, NGO’s and government bodies

The public sector exists for the development of ‘the common good’. Increasingly, this ‘good’ has become quantified. Progress is measured as growth, numbers are the sole guidance in governmental and non-governmental decision-making.

Most people in the public sector are driven by their heart’s intention to contribute positively to society. Beautiful Economy offers programmes that re-discover or strengthen this inner drive. By offering a systemic approach to the issues people deeply care about, and by re-connecting with the qualities that they wish to bring into society, I support an empowerment based on Being as well as Making the change.

Workshops and trainings are inspired by complex and soft systems dynamics, a qualitative approach to work, and the Gandhian concept of Being the Change you wish to see in the world.

Others …

If you do not fit in any of the boxes above, but feel excited to work with Beautiful Economy, please connect and we will explore what we can do for each other.