It was December 2012 that I first knew I was pregnant. A magical moment that I realised I wasn’t just expecting, I was actively creating. Growing a new body in my womb. Allowing a new being to develop a physical and soulful presence in the world. At the same time, I was re-creating myself, into a role I had never played before: life-giver, carer, Mother.

Becoming a mother was an incredibly grounding experience. The ultimate physical relationship of manifesting the future (see my blog article: Birth Day, Matter for the Future), the sense of connectedness to all women who had ever given birth before me; family, friends, but also any mother in the street and even animals and plants! Stronger than every before, I felt part of Life’s cycles, passing on the baton, the breath to a new generation.

Being a mother has only grown my strength and dedication to create the today and the future I wish to see. To make no compromises when it comes to the wealth of nature, and to take full responsibility in giving my – and all other children the best possible future. This means taking care of and work for the greatest good of all: a healthy and beautiful planet.

Many women share a similar experience, when during and after pregnancy they become aware of the miracles of Life, pro-creation, birth, growth and development of little human beings. Some change their diets almost overnight, to non-toxic and fully organic, while others reconsider what they do for a living and whether that actually suits their values. All of us have to play and juggle with changing demands and priorities. This is not only a hassle! It provides a window of opportunity to shake Life up, re-boot, make the changes you’ve been wanting to make for a while.

Beautiful Motherhood – More coming soon, but have a go at researching these:

Active Birth Centre

Gentle Birth Method

The Hypnobirthing Association (UK) and Hypnobirthing Hub (AUS) with nice taster downloads



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