What I offer

Beautiful Economy offers training and education programs for a sustainable, joyful economy. Programs are tailor-made, and directed to all individuals and organisations who wish to actively take part in the transition towards a sustainable society.

Lectures, trainings and courses can vary from the philosophical (worldviews and economic belief systems), to the practical (values-based business models), and include the inner world (personal and cultural beliefs) and the outer world (economic behaviour and structures). All programs integrate personal, organisational and societal transition.

Spring College

Together with Li An Phoa, I recently founded Spring College, a nomadic college that offers 3-day transformational courses on a.o. sustainability, eco-philosophy and new economics & value systems.

On December 7th, Spring College will celebrate its bearthday with a Winter Walk the Talk on turning points and transition. Special guest is Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney, storyteller, founder of the land-based education community Embercombe, and author of Finding Earth, Finding Soul. If you wish to join the event, please let us know via springcollegenl@gmail.com.

Our first season of courses will offered in Spring 2013. We start off with Soil, Soul and Society, with Satish Kumar and Irene von Lippe-Biesterfeld. For the full programme, have a look at Spring College Courses.


I teach on a range of economics and economics-related topics that I find fascinating; nature, environment and sustainability; money, finance and debt-based capitalism; ecological, Buddhist and values-based economics: systems, complexity and leadership; qualitative growth, beauty and the senses; value-perception, worldviews, and new economics.

I have recently taught on New Economics programs, such as the MA in Economics for Transition (Schumacher College) and Leaders for Economic Change (VU and A’dam Bright city). I also like guest lecturing. I have recently been invited to speak at different Universities and Hogescholen in the Netherlands.

Course Development

During my years of research into sustainability, alternative economics, perception and worldviews, I have come across thousands of great sources; books, articles, video and audio materials. In developing courses or curricula, I combine those sources in such a way that they fit the group’s common themes, but also allow for further exploration at the individual level. The idea is that each courses continuously challenges the way we think and perceive, and support a plurality of theories and belief systems. In my courses you will not find easy answers. Instead, you are continuously triggered to ask questions, approach issues from different points of view, and find your own (or shared) sense of what is right, or beautiful.

I combine lectures with online materials, dialogue forms, short meditations and education in nature to involve the entire being in the learning process. I also like to bring in people I admire, to be part of the learning experience.

Training & Facilitation

For organisations that wish to develop new perspectives (and strategies) on value and social and ecological value creation, I design and facilitate trainings. These trainings can include topics such as values-based business, Gross National Happiness for organisations, Needs and purpose, Inner and outer values-transition, integrity and system sustainability, and Leadership for a new economy.

I prefer to host trainings in ‘real’ environments, where nature and or society are visible, tangible, sensible. This is because I believe that a new economy cannot be invented at a design table, but is created in every moment of interaction, within ourselves and in relation with our environment.

Research & Writing

As a naturally and inquisitive person, I spend a lot of my life asking questions and researching. Over the years I have realized that my strength is to absorb a lot of information, see connections and recognise patterns in complex systems. Thereby I make sense of systems and their dynamics, which allows me to translate them into strategic questions at the personal and organisational level.

I have always written and edited pieces for friends and colleagues. Today I wish to write pieces that trigger readers’ normality, and inspire a transition towards a sustainable and beautiful society. The Beautiful Economy blog is one way to share what I see in the world. I have also written a number of course books on new economics, and would like to take my writing increasingly to magazines and newspapers.



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